Ladder display

Our vintage ladder displays makes great shelving for an open bar or for a buffet.

They are tall and the shelving levels are wide and long to allow for lots of dishes or drinks to be displayed.

Flower bar

Our Flower bar is a real one of a kind statement piece. It really is super cool!

Created from boards of distressed flower pattern it has a reclaimed wood top and inside shelf.

A real show piece to use as a bar or to display your cake of dessert station.

Vintage Tin trough – grey

These vintage tin trough are made of Zinc.

We have a few of these include one in the same shape but with a blue patina which you can see here.


They make great drinks baths or decorative display pieces on a buffet.

They work in both vintage and industrial style settings.

Tin tile industrial bar

Industrial Bar made from vintage American tin tiles.

Our Tin Tile industrial bar is made from vintage American tin tiles with a reclaimed timber top.

We found these tiles and thought they would look fantastic as a bar front.

Our Tin Tile bar is a real statement piece for an industrial style wedding or event.

It features in our Industrial warehouse lounge.

Assembly Trolley

Our industrial trolley came from a school – we think it was used in the lab.

It makes a wonderful back bar, or use it as a drinks trolley or to display your cake or favours.

We styled it as part of our Industrial warehouse lounge.

Crate shelving

Our crate shelving is freestanding and made from vintage wooden crates.

We have two units which can be put up separately or pushed together.

We have styled them as a great rustic backbar in our French country bistro scene.


Zinc cafe table

Great looking zinc cafe table in an aged patina.

See them styled in our French country bistro scene.

Bistro Bar Counter

Our bistro bar counter is so charming and full of character.

It is a stylish service counter to create a rustic french inspired bar setting for your event.

See it featured in our French country bistro scene.

Kitchen Table

This long, sturdy, well lived table is actually a refectory kitchen table.

It has beautiful patina and it’s length and width make it an ideal buffet or display table.


The Butcher’s Cart

A vintage Butcher’s cart. Made to serve a purpose but hugely aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

For some pieces we come across it’s about looking past the use for which they were intended.

We saw this cart and saw an amazing display piece, a quirky candy buffet, a statement piece filled with candles.