Embroidered decorative pillows

We made these beautiful decorative pillows from vintage french linen.

They add character and softness to a rustic or boho setting and look great themed with our vintage daybeds such as the Sylvie or the Abundance .


Tribal Banjara

A gorgeous Banjara Tribal Hanging from India.

Use this as a throw over a bench or hay bale or as a floor covering for a ceremony.

The colours are beautiful.

Grain sack pouffe

Floor pouffe made from vintage grain sacks.

When we found the grain sacks our heart skipped a beat. They were so beaten and worn but so beautiful at the same time. They had all the signs of a hard life of work. Made of hessian linen they have been patched over the years.

We transformed them into pouffes for you to enjoy as soft seating.


Hmong Pillows

These vibrant Hmong pillows are a classic design from Thailand.

Boho chandelier

Cute vintage crochet Boho chandelier in cotton macramé. Hang this from the trees or from one of our stands at your woodland or bohemian wedding or in our Linen Cabana to create a bohemian lounge.

Rag Garland

We have handmade these rag garlands from vintage linen.

They have been dipped in gold dust for extra sparkle!

These are great hanging above a buffet table or in a barn.

We have 5 lengths of garland at the moment but can product more on request.

Our Rag garlands are featured in our Rust & Stardust scene.

ColourPop vintage rug

Our ColourPop vintage rug is from Morocco. We actually have two of these rugs. They were cut down from one larger rug which had damage.

They are made of natural dyed wool with lovely colourful patterns. They have real boho quality and are stunning.

ColourPop rugs feature in our Ladder Ceremony scene and our Nomad Nights scene.

Souk Moroccan floor pillows

We sourced these colourful moroccan floor pillows from the souks in Marrakech.

They are great to add a splash of colour

Use them as lounge seating at your boho wedding or place them around a fire pit or use them for ceremony seating.

Persian rug (small)

A small, vintage, brightly coloured persian rug.

Use it as a floor covering for your wedding ceremony or to create a lounge area.


Geometric Handira throw

Traditional moroccan Handira throw

Our Geometric Handira throw is a beautiful vintage piece. It displays the traditional characteristic of a wedding blanket including mirrored beading.

Handira throws are wonderful over our days beds or as wall hanging to create a backdrop.

We have a larger version of this here