JennyHi, I’m Jenny

A 30 something girl born in France to an Irish mum and now based in London. I’m a wedding and event planner with a passion for sourcing vintage and one-of-a-kind furniture and textiles.

I started imagining how these beautiful pieces I was bringing home from markets could be used in creative and unique ways to style events and weddings.  Scenes & Stories was born and through lots of hard work, a fair amount of doubt and a real passion for what I had in mind, I am delighted to bring you our catalogue and styled Scenes.

I have been planning weddings and events for over a decade. From my experience creating and designing celebrations of all shapes and sizes; I know how hard it can be to know where to find the right “bits” to fit your look & feel and to inject individuality and quirkiness when lots of what’s on offer looks the same.

I want to bring something different to the table.  I love treasure hunting and sourcing beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces and so I set out to curate a catalogue of unique and individual props, textiles and vintage furniture. The items I source are vintage and eclectic spanning different eras and ooze charm and boho soul. I work with artisans and craft people in the UK and much further afield to commission unique pieces to add to our inventory. A big chunk of our items have gone through our atelier to receive some much needed love and attention and in some cases a complete face lift.

With so much visual inspiration available nowadays deciding on a style or theme can be daunting. I  style our Scenes that can be hired as a whole to fit into many different settings and suit a variety of styles and schemes. Don’t hesitate to personalise our Scenes with other items from our inventory. You can also use them as inspiration to build your wishlist from scratch by adding individual items.

If you need a little more help I offer a range of services. Bespoke styling starts with mood boards, then on to selecting and sourcing all the different components whether they be from Scenes & Stories or other suppliers, all the way through to setting up on the day. I also offer complete party and wedding planning to a few clients every year, giving them my full attention and guaranteeing an enjoyable and stress free planning experience. Read more about this here, and if it sounds like you might be interested then drop me a line