Ideal scene to display your guestbook or for guests to drop their cards in the vintage cage.

This is an atmosphere setter of a Scene, full of texture and of pieces that work together.

The complete Scene includes The Yellow door; Blue top desk; Yellow trunk; Hardy armchair; Barn star; Meadow urn; Blue block candlesticks. All this can be hired as a set for £220 inc. setup + delivery and collection depending on location.


The Country chic lounge is a little corner full of texture and elegance. Ideal as a little after dinner lounge to releve sore dancing feet or as a backdrop to gorgeous bride and groom pictures.

We have themed our Abundance Daybed with some of our beautifully rustic pieces to create a warm and inviting Scene in shades natural shades of wood and linen,

The complete Scene includes the Abundance daybed; Grain sack pouffe x 1 (more can be added); Graphite coffee table; Vintage Crate; Octagon frame; Vintage Sleigh; Embroidered pillows; Barn Star; Sisal Rug; Florentine tray. £220 inc. setup + delivery and collection depending on location.


The Quirky Drinks station is one of those cute little corners you can setup for late night drinks or as a cigar and cognac bar. Why not!

The Scene includes our Assembly drinks cart; Gold frames x 2 to display your drinks menu or a sign; A rocking horse; Carriage seat; Small barrel; Vintage tray and Candlestick. £240 inc. setup + delivery and collection depending on location.

Drinks and ice not included.



Our Industrial Warehouse Lounge is remarkably versatile as it works just as well indoors in a warehouse or industrial style venue as it does outdoors for a festival or tipi wedding.

We have brought together a collection of our reclaimed industrial furniture and accessories and themed them with soft furnishings and an xl rug to add texture and interest to the Scene.

The complete Scene includes Tin tile bar; Vintage ice box; Graphite coffee tables x3; Marylène sofa; Grain sack pouffe x 4; XL Persian rug; Blue tin trough with stand; zinc ice baths with stand; Assembly drinks cart; Carriage seat; Mud cloth pillows X 2; Palm tree. £770 inc.setup + delivery and collection depending on location

The ice, glassware and drinks are not included.


Our Hanging Hearts Arch is just the perfect ceremony backdrop – It is that perfect fusion of industrial and chic, and elegant and romantic. Don’t you think?

The complete scene includes The free standing arch; Iron hearts X 6; Hanging t-light holders with real or electric candles x 5; Romantic birdcage; Andalusia console table; Heart chairs x 2. £250 inc.setup + delivery and collection depending on location.

if you wish to swap or add items just get in touch to discuss.


Our French country bistro captures the essence of walking into a little country bistro on a hot summers day for a glass of something cold and to watch the world go by.

It is a beautifully styled Scene and is designed to be very usable allowing plenty of display and storage space for drinks and other bar paraphernalia.

The complete Scenes includes: Bistro counter; Crate back bar shelving; White bottle holder; Mini barrel; Parfait jars; Meadow Urns; Zinc cafe tables X 2; Bistro chairs X 4; A collection of candles and holders; Burgundy wooden boxes. To hire the full set costs £575 inc. setup + delivery and collection with is dependant on location.

Flowers are not included. We can supply either real flame or electric candles.
If you would like to swap or add items just get in touch to discuss.



Eat your Heart Out is about offering you a rustic and stylish buffet of grazing station.

It is large enough to display plenty of different dishes and treats. We think it looks great but indoors and outdoors.

Who putting together a grazing display it is important to consider displaying dishes at different heights to create interest and texture – Eat your Heart Out does just that with plenty of different levels and props.

The complete Eat Your Heart Out Scene includes Barrels X 2; Reclaimed wood table top; Stone pots x 2; Oak wood plank; Painted planters X 3 for cutlery etc.; Meadow Urns; Wooden candlesticks; Green and bronze chalkboard and easel. It is available to hire for £160 inc setup + delivery /collection depending on distance.

Sign writing on the chalkboard is not included but if you would like us to arrange this then do get in touch for a quote.


We like a little bit of quirky and when we found our tin bath we thought it would make a great prop for a photobooth scene.

Imagine your guests piling into the bath or sitting around it with props and frames.

The complete Scene includes our Tin bath; Medium Gold frames X 2; Large gold frame; Albert bench (for guests to sit); Pastel doors backdrop; Sisal rug; A selection of rustic pillows x 5; Zinc bath to hold any photobooth props you might like. This can be hired for £220 including setup + delivery/collection depending on location.

If you wish to add items or swap anything just get in touch.

Photographer/camera not included.



Nomad Nights is inspired by the sights and smells of exotic places. Our cabana is suitable for outdoors although it isn’t waterproof. We style it full of colourful floor pillows and rugs. Add lots of candle light and brass tray tables and you have a cool bohemian lounge for your guests to enjoy.

The full Scene includes: The linen cabana; ColourPop vintage rugs x 2; Bunting Poles with fairy lights; Tassel garland; Souk Floor pillows x 6; Ferrum urn with grass; cactus in small pots x 5; Iron stands; Brass trays x 2; Aladdin Brass vase x 3; Mud cloth pillows x 5; Medina Moroccan pillows X 5; Stump candlesticks x 4; Sahara cage; Chakki coffee table x 1; Desert clay pots x 2; Palm tree; Brass candlesticks x 6. £800 inc. setup including delivery + collection depending on collection.

To swap or add items just get in touch to discuss.