Our collection of vintage and eclectic furniture and props and our styled Scenes are our pride and joy and the cornerstone of what we do. Stroll through our catalogue to discover all our vintage, handmade and re-made pieces lovingly sourced from all sorts of funky places.

Our hire options can include setup and styling of our items or we can just deliver them to you for you to setup.


We can offer you setup and styling of the pieces you hire from us. If you hire one of our Scenes then we will always come along to set it all up and make it look perfect.

Our bespoke styling service takes things a little further. This is for you if you have a vision, need help pulling it together or simply want something that stands out so much you would rather start from scratch. We will present you with mood boards and ask lots of questions to get to the bottom of what you have in mind. We will include elements of our inventory if they are suitable or go out searching high and low for the perfect pieces. It’s all about a style and atmosphere that is tailored to you.


As well as sourcing and styling our catalogue I offer my expertise designing, planning and managing your wedding or event from start to finish.

I have been a wedding and party planner for just over 10 years delivering stunning events and weddings. My approach is simple, I put YOU at the heart of the planning process. Working with you planning your celebration is a true collaboration. It isn’t about making you fit within a template or forcing a supplier onto your day. While I do have some pretty nifty templates and a very long list of innovative, tried and tested vendors; I will hand pick them to match your requirements, your budget and your vision.

I wear two hats throughout the planning. Being the creative input you need to build on your dream and create a vision yet never loosing sight of the big picture, insuring everything is achievable on budget and on time.

Special event planning is bespoke and has to be tailored to you. I can get involved as much or as little as you need; whether it be from A to Z with all the bells and whistles; half way through when things get out of hand and you need someone to put you back on track; or for the last mile when you’ve done it all but need the Is dotted and Ts crossed and someone there on the day to make it all run smoothly.

I work in a very transparent and upfront way; I will provide you with a quote for my fees which will outline exactly what is included. No surprises!

Get in touch to tell me all about your celebration and we can have a chat on how we can work together.